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Owner: Neal Brace

-NRA certified firearms instructor
-Former active duty US Marine Corps infantryman (MOS 0351: 2005-2009)
-Front-line combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion 6th Marine Regiment’s Scout-Sniper Platoon
-Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat “V” (Valor device) for accomplishments in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
-Graduated from several courses during his time in service, including the Marine Special Operations Training Group’s Urban Reconnaissance & Surveillance course

Jack Pieters

Jack Pieters

Instructor: Jack Pieters

-MLEOTC / MCOLES certified police officer and firearms instructor with 16 years of experience in law enforcement
-Member of his department’s multijurisdictional critical incident (SWAT) team
-Law enforcement sniper qualified (Center Mass, Inc. April 2012)
-Given departmental award for bravery in the line of duty and has been involved in critical incidents involving the use of force
-Glock and Colt certified armorer; PPCT certified defensive tactics instructor
-Former reserve US Marine Corps infantryman (MOS 0311: 1989-1998)
-Received SOC training in Okinawa, Japan
-Assigned as squad leader and also functioned as a radio operator and forward observer while deployed to the Pacific Rim during the first Gulf War
-Worked with the US Forest Service LE in two separate JTF-6 assignments


Ryan Innis

Instructor: Ryan Innis

-Former active duty Recon Marine with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion (MOS 0321: 2009-2013)
-Deployed with 22nd MEU in support of Operation Unified Protector (Libya): March 2011-June 2011
-Team member of Anti-Piracy Raid Force in support of US Naval Operations: June 2011-February 2012
-Graduated USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course
-Close Quarters Battle training: Special Operations Training Group
-USMC Designated Marksman
-Combatant Diver Qualified
-Vessel Boarding / Search / Seizure: Special Operations Training Group
-Completed Deployment Medicine Operators Training Course